The above said conference is scheduled to take place on January 22-25. 2015. It will be held in Dar-esalaam Tanzania and it is the first ever conference on albinism to be held in Africa. The Under the Same Sun (UTSS),  a Tanzanian NGO that works with people with albinism is the lead organizer.

Why we are looking for funds
•    Out of our 10 members who had applied for sponsorship from UTSS only one applicant got the sponsorship. Due to limited space and the high number of applicants involved, they were only able to sponsor one person per organization.
•    Most of the applicants are youths/students with albinism who are unemployed/underpaid or in little income generating activities.
•    Quite a significant majority of the applicants come from poor backgrounds and live with single parent or guardian after being neglected by either of the parent due to their condition.
•    Kenya is a neighbor to Tanzania therefore making the budget moderate compared to other participants from the rest of Africa. We shall travel by road instead of air.
•    AFEA has been working in collaboration with the organizers of the conference UTSS in advancing albinism’s rights, lobbying and advocating the governments of Kenya and Tanzania through the EAC to protect persons with albinism. For example in 2013 we together prepared the reports on the status of albinism that formed part of the UN report on human rights no. 102? And recently in June contributed to the EA community resolutions on disability at the EA Disability conference at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi Kenya.
•    This being the first ever pan- African conference on albinism it is very important for Kenyan’s living with albinism to participate so that they can present their experience in Kenya and learn from the rest of Africa on how to best manage their condition and mitigate against the negative effects of discrimination and stigma. In addition and equally important how to enhance their participation in social, economic and political activities in Kenya.
•    Human Trafficking and murders have been committed in the East African regions including Tanzania and Kenya recently, Kenya being Tanzania’s neighbor raises the issue of cross border security and monitoring. The Kenyan participants will investigate discuss and give solutions.
•    The participants represent various counties and ethnic diversities from across the country and are expected to share the knowledge gained and implement the recommendations of the conference in their respective counties.
•    Persons with albinism in Kenya are stigmatized by the society and institutions. This has resulted in low self esteem & very low participation in civic and community activities, this would be an opportunity for them to forge social and group relationships that would enhance their self esteem and forge support networks it is a chance to enhance their visibility and that of AFEA.
•    IEC materials justification especially our calendar with an international message for awareness on albinism will raise the visibility of AFEA.


Total request to sponsor 7 PWA    Kshs. 472,320/=
Participants contribution    Kshs. 9,100/=





Maurice Juma is a 35 years old youth with albinism from Miendo in Webuye, married with one child. He is struggling with symptoms of skin cancer after many years of exposure to the sun without proper protection from the devastating effects of the ultra- violet rays that causes havoc to people with albinisms skin.

He has been in the bakery industry for over 14 years during which he has perfected the art of cakes, buns and confectionary baking but as an employee earning Ksh. —– per month. He has taken the steps to start his own business at his village in Miendo in local bakery in a novelty. He started small with an investment of about ksh. 6000 which was only sufficient to construct a local oven made of packed clay and uses little amount of firewood.

Currently Maurice is only able to make 28 packets of scones in a day (that is 336 scones daily). This is very low production for his survival and low utilization of his investment in the oven. An assessment of Maurice business indicates high potential returns if he operates optimally. His businesses require the following inputs to take off properly in scones making: Continue Reading

Requirements Amount in Ksh.
1 bale of baking flour 1,120
Assorted Ingredients
8  baking trays 4,800
1  mixing pot 1,800
Packaging materials 160
1  bicycle 9,600
4  packing trays 2,200
1  more oven 7,500
Labour for 2 days 2,000
TOTAL 29,180


Faith Mwende Muendo a resident of Mang’eli village in Athi River, Mavoko town is a — years old, single mother of four children that has vowed not to let her albinism condition and the misconceived ideas on albinism by the society around her put her down. She once had a job as a restaurant — assistant but lost it when the restaurant closed in 199.  Since then she has been struggling to feed her family and taking the children to school by doing odd jobs.

She believes she can make it in being a water retailer and has engaged the water service providers,the Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company in a lobby for a licence to operate a water kiosk in the Mavoko town. She has won the battle and been allowed to construct a semi permanent water kiosk that will cost her three times less than the recommended standards kiosk required by the company. For faith to realise her, she needs an investment capital of Ksh. 162,000/=

Quotation for the kiosk construction and water connection    

Kiosk materials Cost Ksh.
10 Iron sheets (mabati) @ ksh.1200 12,000
6 Roof @ ksh.1200 7,200
32        @ ksh. 60 1,152
6 bags of cement
1 Door 1,500
1 large window metal 3,000
Lock 500
Mbao 3,072
Sub total 28,424
Piping and Connection costs  
A refundable deposit 5,000
Meter Cost 1” 19,000
Pipe and fittings 20,272
Trenching and Installation L:abour 18,181
Sub total 62,453
TOTAL 90,877