The following are AFEA initial interventions:

1.         Establishing contacts and linkages with PWA and their families;

AFEA has registered around 400 people from different parts of the country. We have also conducted an informal assessment through the Provincial Administration and identified 1500 PWA and CWA in 31 districts in Kenya. We meet PWA and their family every day when they come to get sun screen or seek assistance on any other issue.

2.         Provision of ophthalmological eye care and glasses with photo chromatic lenses;

Over 400 persons with albinism registered by AFEA including all the students from Thika Primary and High School for the Visually impaired, ACK  Kitui Intergraded School and St Lucy’s School for the Visually Impaired have been examined by an ophthalmologist and fitted with prescription glasses with photo chromatic lenses through the support of an AFEA trustee who is an ophthalmologist, Dr. P.V. Choksey.

3.        Distributing sun screen;

AFEA has managed to distribute sun screen to children in schools for the visually impaired in Thika, Meru and Kitui, and to PWA and CWA in other parts of the country such as Mombasa, Malindi Kitale, Kisumu, Matunda, Embu and Kirinyaga. Over 400 PWA have been reached in this formative period

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4.      Protective clothing long sleeved t-shirts and hats;

AFEA has also distributed long sleeved t-shirts and hats to some of the schools with students with albinism and to PWA who have been registered.

5.         Sourcing educational sponsorship for  needy CWA

AFEA has been approached by several students from different levels of learning institutions to help them pay their school fees. These students are from poor backgrounds and they cannot afford to pay their fees. Unfortunately, because of lack of funds AFEA has only been able to sponsor and outsource funds for five students.

6.        Establishing a network of stakeholder supporters in the public and private sector;

  •   AFEA has been able to get involved with some private and public sector organizations:
  •   We have been able to work with Barclays Bank in several fields in improving the life of PWA where we participated in the Barclays ‘Make a Difference Day’ that took place in Thika High school for the visually Impaired and the charity dinner party that they had organized to raise funds for students with albinism.
  •   National bank and the Ministry of Youth and Sports have also supported AFEA by taking college students with albinism for internship.
  •   AFEA has also been collaborating with the Ministry of State in Charge of Provincial Administration and Internal Security to register PWA all over the country.
  •   AFEA has also collaborated with several Rotary Clubs in Kenya. Such collaboration has seen the Rotarians donate funds for sun screen and glasses for children with albinism. AFEA also participated in the “Rotarians at Work Day’ when they worked at a children home that takes care of a child with albinism.
  •   AFEA has began a collaboration with Beiersdorf East Africa, distributors of the NIvea range of sun lotion who donated sun screen and long sleeved t-shirts for distribution to PWA.

7.         Conducting public awareness

AFEA has held a fund raising awareness creation open day that was on Saturday 28th June 2008. We have also been able to reach the public and media through interviews, press release and newspaper articles.

8.         Availing financial support for treatment for basal cell carcinoma;

AFEA has so far come across around ten cases of basal cell carcinoma where we have managed to support three patients who are still undergoing treatment and still need a lot of assistance while the rest are still seeking help for treatment.